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Essentials, Peshtemals for Summer Travels!

The best beach towels in my opinion have to be Peshtemals. A traditional peshtemal versatility beyond the bathroom. Go light with an easy, breezy Turkish towel and you’ll never look back. My go to brand is Luks Linen for its design and diversity hens why I stock them on my website. Rich in cultural heritage but so perfect for modern living. Endlessly versatile the peshtemal can be used indoors or out as beach or bath towels, as well as throws, scarves, wraps, table cloth or even as a knotted bag, how great is that?

Lightweight and quick drying and folds down to about a quarter of the size making it ideal for travel and space saving in any home, bag or suitcase. A timeless staple, which never goes out of fashion.

My reasons for stocking Luks linen is, they are proud to partner with some of the most talented master weavers and family run textile ateliers in the world, whose skills have been passed down through many generations. This knowledge and passion is interwoven into the products they create and it is important to me to support quality small suppliers / creators / artisans.

Not just when it comes to holiday packing but also for the environment. With the right love and care their peshtemals, can last a lifetime making it a sustainable product. Why not try one and see if you end up loving them as much as I do.

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